Ekimetrics Offices – Paris

  • Client Ekimetrics,
  • size 26,867 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Vincent Gloria & Levisalles was tasked with designing the Ekimetrics offices utilizing natural light and strong materials in Paris, France.

    Ekimetrics trusted us once again, to help them invest their latest location, as a result of the company growth and transition to flex office.

    Ideally located in the heart of Paris, not far from the Opera and overlooking Montmartre,

    The three triangular floorplates are organized around a patio. Open space area are located on streets façades, to maximize natural light input.

    From Tangram table, to slatted wood, dark surfaces and contrasted edges, the architectural language developed through previous Ekimetrics. projects are revisited, to reflect the firm will to reinvent itself while keeping alive the link to previous location, which are undeniably part of the company history.

    Signage and wayfinding also play a big part in design singularity. Travaux Pratiques, the design studio who developed it, took inspiration from domestic objects such as cushion, wall lamps or linens to create inclusive, cosy signage elements and details.

    They also based the wayfinding approach on the three streets surrounding the building, creating an intuitive system, as well as anchoring Ekimetrics. latest location in its neighbourhood.

    Design: Vincent Gloria & Levisalles
    Photography: Arnaud Schelstraete