Minimal, modest, calm, and bright define the office of KOHLERSTRAUMANN, a space that allows for the freedom of creativity and expression for the Basel-based design firm.

  • size 3,875 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Basel, Switzerland,
  • Industry Design,
  • KOHLERSTRAUMANN designed their office with a clean palette and limited color to showcase a level of sophistication in Basel, Switzerland.

    Feeling blessed to be able to design our own workspace. Creating a space where there is room to think and space to feel the freedom of no destruction. Minimal, modest, calm and bright was our main goal. A reflection of our design language. In this environment we are able to create projects with any kind of requirement and locations in the world.

    Wabi sabi is an ancient aesthetic philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism, particularly the tea ceremony, a ritual of purity and simplicity in which masters prized bowls that were handmade and irregularly shaped, with uneven glaze, cracks, and a perverse beauty in their deliberate imperfection.

    Photography: Maris Mezulis