Saint Deem Technology Offices – Hangzhou

  • Client Saint Deem Technology,
  • size 15,069 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hangzhou, China,
  • Industry Technology,
  • LU Design Studio was tasked with completing the Saint Deem Technology offices with multiple workspaces in Hangzhou, China.

    This project is the R&D center of Saint Deem Technology, who is a world leader in biometric technology and solution. This space is also an important place for Saint Deem technology to conduct business negotiations related to technology and financing, top executive meeting, and new product roadshow.

    Our design starts from the principle of optics of Saint Deem Technology and human life attribute, combines the functionality of the place, the key words of the whole concept are high-tech sense, sense of life and humanities, business atmosphere.

    Therefore, in terms of main materials, we have used wood veneers and stainless steel, combined with various forms of lighting, to give consideration to the sense of life technology and business humanities in the space. In terms of color matching, we introverted the iconic blue of Saint Deem Technology in the form of soft decoration, making the space temperament more consistent with the customer’s business industry characteristics: military, finance and IT.

    The whole space is divided into R & D area and business area, including office work area, several laboratories and small conference rooms, a large conference room for training and business roadshow, board round table room, tea area, and President’s office with toilet, small bedroom and tea space.

    We try our best to remove the superfluous decoration, and use the materials required by the function itself to build the aesthetic feeling and meaning. The light spots on the aluminum plate of the foreground background are taken from the auxiliary graphics designed by Saint Deem Technology VI; We put the key laboratory in the middle of the public area, and magnified the ritual sense of the experiment itself with arc-shaped glass and light-emitting film of the same shape, which also made the moving line of the visit more natural; The public area creates a modern sense of science and technology through linear lighting and application; The decorative devices in the president’s office also secretly fit the characteristics of the company’s “finger vein recognition” products at the beginning of creation.

    The recliner chair in the sofa area of the president’s office comes from the Norwegian brand Stressless, which specializes in producing comfortable and ergonomic leisure sofa chairs. The water bottle and cup set on the tea table are from Tom Dixon, a British household brand.

    For the calligraphy works in the tea area of the president’s office, we specially invited Dr. Lu Dadong, a famous contemporary calligraphy artist, to create for our clients. The words “dust with light” are taken from chapters 4 and 56 of Lao Tzu. The art site features the technical core of Saint Deem Technology, which uses light to sense the signs of human veins so as to identify identity. It is also the belief of the founder of the enterprise: understanding, harmony, and persistence, observe the self mind truthfully. It is the same as the light and the dust. It is the mountain or the mountain, the water or the water. The ordinary mind is the Tao, and nature is the Tao.

    Design: LU Design Studio
    Design Team: Lu Cheng, Yujia Tang
    Contractor: Chen Lin Construction
    Photography: Min Chi