Epson Offices – Los Alamitos

A workplace that reflects the ever-evolving technology and products that Epson creates while weaving in the warm elements of a deeply people-centric culture at their offices in Los Alamitos.

  • Client Epson,
  • size 128,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Los Alamitos, California, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Wolcott Architecture brought in dynamic wall finishes throughout the Epson offices in Los Alamitos, California.

    As technology advances in complexity and efficiency, it often parallels our own evolution in becoming more ethical, adaptable, and organic.

    Epson is a Japanese-based company specializing in designing and producing tech-driven hardware. While primarily known as one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers, they also offer scanners, copiers, projectors, and robotic solutions. With a large product range and deep expertise in the evolution of these emerging technologies, their identity as pioneers was a key source of pride.

    We asked ourselves how this workplace could reflect the ever-evolving technology and products that Epson creates while weaving in the warm elements of a deeply people-centric culture. We found the answer as we combined Epson’s thoughtful practices with an office workplace that was supportive of their culture in our collaborative design process. Taking cues from the sharpened organic lines showcased in their machinery, we integrated them throughout Epson’s workplace to highlight their innovative spirit while also softening areas where people gather, connect, and collaborate.

    Relocating Epson from a single high-rise to an open campus across two buildings was an opportunity to reimagine a workplace that would embody teamwork, pride, and community. The construction of a sleek pedestrian bridge, along with the integration of dual-purpose airy communal gathering areas, promotes interaction and collaboration. Exterior enhancements including the addition of a basketball area, new windows, and the potential for solar, as well as new landscaping, with native drought-tolerant plants, outdoor seating, and walking paths that ribbon around the buildings for casual “walk and talks” also encourage the staff to cross paths. Each of the buildings features unique communal spaces that necessitate an intuitive crossing of paths and the flexibility of working away from personal desks.

    As an office, Epson stands out as a breathtaking work of functionality and artistry. The space also fosters creativity and inspires through world-renown creative installations, ensuring it never feels like just an office space. It is as immersive, multi-faceted, and surprising as the people who inhabit it.

    Design: Wolcott Architecture
    Furniture Dealer: Pivot Interiors
    Contractor: Howard Building Corporation
    Photography: Kim Rodgers