8FIG Offices – Tel Aviv

  • Client 8FIG,
  • size 7,685 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • switchup completed a calm and collaborative space for the 8FIG offices in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    8FIG is a world-class integrated eCommerce and digital marketing firm. They create practical marketing strategies and digital services through design and management. They needed an office where their passion and creativity could meet. People nowadays spend more time at work than at home. As a result, businesses are becoming deeply concerned about the well-being of their staff. This was also an 8FIG idea. The Switchup is determined by reconnecting people to nature.

    And we’re not just talking about foliage plants here; we’re also talking about water, air, and lighting—the more organic, the better. Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that working in an office where you feel connected to nature increases productivity by nearly 15%.

    It was not easy to design the ideal office for a marketing firm. The primary goal of 8FIG was to create an environment in which employees could bond while also being productive and engaged. This office has the feel of a living room, with everything adjustable to the employees’ needs. The mint color is both relaxing and soothing to the eyes.

    The pressure associated with daily duties can quickly mount for the firm’s employees, which is why the design is centered on enhancing the comfort and well-being of users and visitors. The resulting atmosphere is elegant while remaining friendly and welcoming.

    With its unique design and excellent acoustics, the multicolor wall is ideal for a creative environment. This project also includes a lot of natural and LED lighting.

    Certain elements, such as the wood floor or gray tiles, recalled the brand identity and were some of the project’s highlights.

    The kitchen is one of the employees’ favorite areas. We are aware of this! So Switchup tried to incorporate a classy high chair, a lot of flowers and plants, a light blue counter, and a green kitchen so they could enjoy staying there.

    The wooden partitions and natural colors complement the glass walls and create a welcoming interior and working environment.

    The goal was to create a peaceful, focused, and inspiring space. Every space is full of light and has a distinct view of the surrounding area—this attractive location has available meeting rooms, event spaces, kitchenettes, and even inspiring artworks.

    Design: switchup
    Photography: Peled Studios