8VI Holdings Offices – Singapore

  • Client 8VI Holdings,
  • size 11,370 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Education, Technology,
  • Conexus Studio designed the 8VI Holdings offices for the dynamic changing landscape of their needs in Singapore.

    A high-productivity hub for the firm’s creative thinkers, the new headquarters of FinEduTech firm, 8VI Holdings — well known for its VI brand — aligns with today’s innovation-driven business landscape.

    Set within a modern industrial backdrop at the revamped Keppel 1557 compound on the fringe of Singapore’s Central Business District, the 11,370 square feet premises were designed with the goal of inspiring and empowering the group’s hybrid workforce, creating a compelling option for employees whether they choose to work from home or office.

    Strategically positioned in the main thoroughfare of the office, a punchy multi-functional breakout hall sets a vibrant tone and promotes interaction amongst 8VI’s employees from its different business subsidiaries. Equipped with a variety of seating options, from bar counters, tiered platforms and café style booths, the space is envisioned as a key activation point for knowledge sharing, impromptu collaborations and socialising, with amenities such as vending machines and a pool table for people to drop in and recharge. Employees often linger and chat as they pass from their respective workspaces through to the wing of meeting suites or broadcast studio. The signature space also doubles as the venue for 8VI’s townhall gatherings with their international offices, reinforcing a sense of community and connectivity.

    8VI was keen to embrace the resimercial design trend from the start, to enable its modern workforce to feel at ease and thrive in the workplace environment. The office experience begins at the #hello neon sign by the entrance, setting the stage for an immersive journey into the vibrant world of 8VI. From here, colourful graphics and inspirational quotes draw the eye at every turn, reinforcing the company’s personality and inspiring employees to do their best work.

    Meeting and huddle rooms are named after leaders admired by the 8VI team (from Warren Buffet, Lee Kuan Yew to Walt Disney) and each feature a unique theme that pay homage to their legacy. Fun themes and homely spaces aside, the office comes equipped for serious work, with amenities such as soundproof meeting rooms and the latest plug-and-play technology.

    Design: Conexus Studio
    Photography: Kelvin Cuff