NOVAH Showroom and Offices – Shanghai

  • Client NOVAH,
  • size 53,820 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • Gensler completed the NOVAH showroom and offices to showcase the products of the furniture company in Shanghai, China.

    NOVAH Shanghai exhibition hall was built with WELL certification standards from the beginning of design. Every detail shows care for people. In a space surrounded by reinforced concrete, such as air, light, and sound. Other elements are also worthy of attention. With the development of technology and the iteration of equipment, the office is no longer just a container for people to work, but surrounds them with a gentle gesture.

    Air – The Shanghai exhibition hall adopted environmentally friendly furniture at the beginning of the selection. In addition to being able to resist external haze (PM2.5), the exhibition hall is equipped with an ‘air quality detection system’ to monitor the air condition of the exhibition hall at any time.

    Light – For humans, light is a two-sided medium. On the one hand, the presence of light makes everything visible. On the other hand, unsuitable light sources will cause pollution, Making the people in it uncomfortable. The Shanghai exhibition hall adopts reasonable and high-quality illumination, it will not cause a visual burden even for employees who work indoors at a desk for a long time.

    Health – Under the leading-edge office concept, exercise should go hand in hand with work. For example, designing reasonable moving lines in the office area encourages people to move around frequently, so as to avoid prolonged sitting. In addition to scientific and reasonable moving line design, all the desks and chairs in the NOVAH Exhibition Hall an ergonomic design. From the brain to the cervical spine, from the spine to the lumbar spine, give more comprehensive support to all parts of the body.

    Sound – A growing body of scientific research shows that noise can significantly affect work performance and mental health. The NOVAH exhibition hall is divided according to the principle of acoustics. After considering several types of dynamic factors related to acoustics in the building space. We use a range of advanced sound-absorbing materials and products in our showroom.

    With the increasing development of the IoT, No building or space is independent. NOVAH Shanghai Exhibition Hall is committed to building a bridge of collaboration and communication between people and the environment. And provide people with comfortable and flexible office space to create a more perfect office community.

    Design: Gensler
    Photography: courtesy of NOVAH