Amazon Offices – Singapore

  • Client Amazon,
  • size 100,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry FMCG, Technology,
  • DB&B worked to balance the global company culture with local influence at the Amazon offices in Singapore.

    Amplifying Identity
    Tech-giant Amazon scales up their presence in Singapore through a new office spanning three floors at Asia Square.

    Advocating A Culture
    Throughout this multi-level office, the design concept is strongly influenced by Amazon’s corporate culture, with hints of local Singapore flavours to create a unique identity within the company’s larger portfolio of offices. Internal corridors are cladded with powerful environmental graphics that narrate their leadership principles as well as a journey through Amazon’s history – taking pride in being Earth’s most customer-centric company, best employer, and safest place to work.

    Activating Movement
    Collaboration hubs and touchdown spaces are scattered throughout the floorplate to empower employees to choose where they want to work depending on their task on hand. Interspersed within their three level office are fifty breakout areas and five big meeting rooms as well as open space discussion areas for employees to have casual discussions or brainstorming sessions.

    To facilitate a hybrid workforce, all meeting rooms and training rooms are AV/VC capable and are equipped with video-conferencing capabilities to connect with colleagues working remotely efficiently.

    Flexibility is Key
    To accommodate Amazon’s expanding workforce, selected collaboration hubs are furnished with movable furniture which can easily make way for additional work stations to welcome new employees. Depending on the number of new additions to the team, these furniture can be partially or fully reallocated to another space without compromise to the overall aesthetics and functions of the space.

    The Social Hub
    With multiple stakeholders present in the same office, recreational spaces were carved out to foster interaction and relationship building. Making good use of their ample wall space, activities such as scrabble, chess, snake and ladder and spin the wheel are mounted on the walls along corridors near pantry spaces and collaboration hubs. Foosball and billiard tables are also available for employees to enjoy an occasional match with their colleagues.

    Growing Responsibly
    Adopting environmentally-friendly materials for the design was one of the key goals of our design team. Thoughtful selection of carpets made from sustainable material, use of low VOC paint, recycling bins placed around the office, and zoned lighting for energy efficiency – all in line with Amazon’s sustainability efforts around the world.

    Design: DB&B
    Photography: Marcus Lim Photography