BTI360 Offices – Herndon

  • Client BTI360,
  • size 24,850 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Herndon, Virginia, United States,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • FOX Architects designed the BTI360 offices utilizing a bright orange palette throughout the space in Herndon, Virginia.

    BTI360 is a growing software development company located in Herndon, Virginia. As a growing organization, the company was eager to have an adaptable space which could evolve and transform. Project goals were established, centering around BTI360’s focus on people, their well-being, and how that fosters innovation.

    The finish palette and branding elements highlight BTI360’s welcoming, enthusiastic, passionate, and playful personality. Bright pops of color were incorporated as wayfinding device, used to denote community destinations and other distinct areas within the space. Implementations such as color gradation and blocking promote movement and transition, aligning with the organization’s direction. Subtle geometric forms and layers of environmental graphics add energy to the dynamic design. Special attention was also placed on BTI360’s wellness efforts. For example, planters were integrated in strategic locations around the office, establishing a biophilic connection. Each desk also contains both a planter and white board to reinforce BTI360’s commitment to health and innovation. An emphasis was placed on providing natural light throughout the workspace to improve productivity and enhance the open, inviting feel. BTI360’s brand was implemented in both overt and abstract applications – a combination of dimensional logos and applied graphics were interwoven with the space’s architecture to create depth and reinforce their bold culture.

    BTI360’s new home builds a story that represents their distinctive culture and passion for the community. The branded architectural components and activity-based work environment supports BTI360’s team-based culture and the fluid interaction among them.

    Design: FOX Architects
    Photography: Erin Kelleher