Fintwin Offices – Hanoi

  • Client Fintwin,
  • size 7,040 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Hanoi, Vietnam,
  • Industry Technology,
  • APES designed a dynamic and bright space for the Fintwin offices in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Minimalist, timeless and close to nature define the new office of Fintwin, a Korea technology company.

    APES designed the Fintwin office to foster the business values and hold the spirit of leaders as well as culture. Upon entering the entrance, a reception lounge with soothing atmosphere replaces the traditional reception area, providing an extraordinary experience and creating a sense of relaxation and welcoming for guests and staff.

    The cafeteria area with an abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows offer ample daylight and expansive views of the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. To maximize the utilization of the seating areas, a solid wood counter height pub table was designed which surrounds the space along with small and mobile dining tables. The custom bar with cloud-shaped pendant lamps suspended over creates an elegant yet practical focal piece offering coffee and sustenance for after-hour gatherings, meetings and company events.

    The harmonious combination of wood materials from floor to pieces of furniture which are neatly put in the whole space shows a cozy vibe, not only accentuate the space but still maintain a fresh, gentle and pleasant look. Highly equipped working areas are attractively positioned with the best views providing a high level of intimacy and creativity. This new technology hub’s intention is to immerse its tech talent in an open space which is easy-to-breathe and allow teams to effortlessly connect. With a pinch of playfulness in a delightful way, the workplace truly embodies Fintwin’s DNA, building an environment to share and connect while crafting a community of like-minded people. Plants are place throughout the whole office serving more than just an air filter providing aesthetic appeal, they give the space so much soul.

    Blending a minimal feel with complementary artwork, the Chairman room
    dressed in herringbone patterned floor, light grey hand-painted walls matching with the colour of high-end furnitures. Soft curves and geometric lines were used to define the space. While Black and Grey bring the feeling of luxurious and spacious for the workspace, some of the Greenery slightly sneak into corner to stir up energy and evoke emotions during stressful working hours at office.

    Materiality is reduced to its simplest expression to utilize a clean and clearly organised workspace which is conductive to great concentration and an uninterrupted workflow.

    Design: APES
    Photography: Thien Thach