Inscape and Prevolv Showroom and Offices – Chicago

  • Client Inscape, Prevolv,
  • size 8,696 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Chicago, Illinois, United States,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • CBRE Design Collective worked to create a space for both Inscape and Prevolv to showcase their products in the new showroom and offices in Chicago, Illinois.

    CBRE Design Collective designed and delivered a show-stopping showroom space in a joint venture for Inscape and Prevolv. Inscape is a furniture systems manufacturer predominately focusing on workstations and wall systems, and Prevolv, their top furniture dealer, based out of Minneapolis.

    CBRE Design Collective worked to create a dynamic and buyer-driven space. The design was centered on showcasing their unique array of products while emphasizing the importance of entertaining and events, a staple in Chicago showrooms.

    This space includes a large café, a tech-driven product lab for immersive product customization, and a flexible showroom space to feature a rotating display of products. Additional functions include a back of house service kitchen, flexible offices for employees, and various conference rooms for both display and internal use.

    The intent was to create a showroom with both designers and consumers in mind. To achieve this, our team included meaningfully placed graphics and cohesive architectural elements to emphasize their product and tell a story as you move about the space. This resulted in a design that at its core defines the collaborative relationship between furniture manufacturer, dealer and consumer.

    Design: CBRE Design Collective
    Design Team: Sally Unger, Brittany Dismond, Tina Lamkey and Linda Kanoski
    Furniture Dealer: Prevolv
    Contractor: Skender
    Photography: James John Jetel