SEW-Eurodrive Offices – Duncan

  • Client SEW-Eurodrive,
  • size 272,500 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Duncan, South Carolina, United States,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • McMillan Pazdan Smith completed an industrial space with flexible furniture for the SEW-Eurodrive offices in Duncan, South Carolina.

    SEW-Eurodrive, a manufacturer and producer of electric gearmotors, is a global company that maintains strong local roots in several key regions throughout the United States. Their campus in South Carolina stretches across two major cities and has ensured that SEW maintains a long-lasting presence resulting in a sizeable economic impact and community support for the region.

    McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture started working with them in 2012 to design a new assembly plant and office building. Now, 10 years and 7 projects later, the firm recently designed a 250,000 SF Smart Assembly Factory and 22,500 SF Maxolution Showroom with state-of-the-art office space in both buildings.

    The Smart Factory is based on an open concept and includes offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, and collaboration spaces located on a second-floor mezzanine overlooking the production area. The double height lobby is the design focus of the building, creating a unique and representative entrance to the facility. It is designed to serve many functions, including exhibitions, meeting space, and teaching areas for customers and employees. This floor plan also enhances natural light and provides a fresh, clean look to the facility. The building also includes a production and assembly area, warehouse space, shipping and receiving zones, and product development labs. The building envelope is constructed of sandblasted precast concrete wall panels with stained and textured accent areas. Entrances include wood accents to create warmth and add character to the large building. To provide continuity and a sense of brand identity, the same wood accents are incorporated on the inside of the building. A plaza area with outside seating connects the new plant to the Maxolution Showroom, a building that completes the expansion of the East campus.

    The Maxolution Showroom was designed in conjunction with the Smart Factory. The interior showroom introduces emerging technologies to SEW customers. An open and flexible multi-function display area takes up most of the 22,500 SF building. A portion of the building also includes offices and meeting spaces. Similar to a pavilion at an exhibition, the free-standing structure creates separation from production. Upon entering the building, visitors view big screen walls at the main entrance to provide a focal point but also shade and secure the interior. Aluminum louvers attached in a 45-degree angle figuratively represent the fins on gear motors, and also imply dynamic movement and motion—principles of the company.

    Leaving the concrete panels raw and unpainted distinguishes them from the other painted precast structures on campus. Working with angled openings, rotated panels, formliners, and pigmented concrete added further to the special aesthetic of the buildings. The design quality of these buildings, constructed for cost-efficiency and flexibility, add value to both the employees and also the community.

    The Smart Factory and Maxolution Showroom are welcome workplace additions for a company that literally keeps everything moving—from conveyer belts and automobiles to amusement park rides.

    Design: McMillan Pazdan Smith
    Furniture: Office Interiors
    Photography: Firewater Photography | Kris Decker