NOVAH Exhibition Hall – Shenzhen

  • Client NOVAH,
  • size 7,621 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Shenzhen, China,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • ADM completed an exhibition hall for NOVAH to showcase their designs and functional workspace furniture in Shenzhen, China.

    Shenzhen is a benchmark city with outstanding competitiveness, innovation and influence. NOVAH Shenzhen exhibition hall also upholds the spirit of innovation and creates infinite possibilities in a limited space. The diverse scenes in the NOVAH Shenzhen exhibition hall reflect the employee’s vision and imagination for the workplace. NOVAH Shenzhen exhibition hall aims to create a more high-quality and comfortable way of working, meeting the development needs of people and organizations.

    In the customer self-service waiting area,differing from the traditional design ideas, We did not create the front desk. Temporary storage places for personal items are configured in the adjacent area. Self-service tea area and private phone booths are convenient for visitors to wait, rest, talk or deal with temporary work. This area can also accommodate multiple people for external activities or internal training, which encourages collaboration between people.

    We have created a separate area to support executive reception and configured sofas, bar chairs in this area to create a comfortable environment for people. This area is adjacent to the meeting room, which is convenient for people to rest between meetings. The open space promotes communication and helps both parties reach a consensus.

    The Smart Meeting scene was jointly developed by NOVAH and HUAWEI. The Smart Meeting System supports 6 kinds of space scene conversion, including meeting, resting, brainstorm, etc. It almost covers the most common meeting room behavior.

    In the area near the window, We make full use of natural elements such as sunlight and green plants to create an open area that supports people to rest and talk. By configuring the panel, rotatable writing board, power supply, etc., people can quickly build a mini workstation, which fully improves work efficiency.

    Today, the traditional office environment cannot meet the needs of employees. NOVAH have been committed to innovate and create the perfect office space to meet the diverse behaviors of employees. NOVAH hopes to help organizations and individuals achieve their goals and inspire their possibilities in the future.

    Design: ADM
    Photography: courtesy of NOVAH