Manassen Foods Australia Offices – Sydney

  • Client Manassen Foods,
  • size 13,455 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • Morphos created a welcoming environment for the Manassen Foods Australia offices in Sydney, Australia.

    With Manassen Foods making a long term commitment to their office/ warehouse premises in Eastern Creek, the decision was made that a significant investment was needed in the office facilities to reinvigorate the space and create a new workspace that would inspire staff to feel at home in the office once again. With the lingering effects of COVID induced work-from-home protocols, management acknowledged that the new office would need to put staff satisfaction at the centre, while introducing new working styles and functions which had taken a back seat in the previous office design.

    A plethora of collaborative spaces, underpinned by state of the art AV systems allows staff to work creatively, comfortably and making spaces easy to use for any work function. Being a food distributor meant that became a central theme, with a snack bar being placed on the ground floor, surrounded by ample seating and areas for work & play.

    The project has been well received by Manassen Foods with staff happier than ever to come back to the office, knowing they’re in a comfortable, fun
    environment which has been designed especially for their use and enjoyment

    Design: Morphos
    Photography: Luc Remond