Flaschenpost Services Offices – Zurich

Due to the wine retailer company's rapid growth, Flaschenpost Services doubled their office size to create more formal and informal spaces to encourage their team-based culture.

  • Client Flaschenpost,
  • size 5,382 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Zurich, Switzerland,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • berry completed a fun and inspiring space for the Flaschenpost Services offices  in Zurich, Switzerland.

    The largest online wine retailer in Switzerland, with over 30,000 wines in their catalogue, doubled its work space from 250m2 to 500m2 and, with the help of berry, created a place where the already very agile and team-based culture can be lived and flourish even more. Flaschenpost believes in spontaneous encounters at the coffee machine and in innovation that arises from informal exchange. Accordingly, great importance was attached to the topic of “collaboration” – without forgetting opportunities to retreat for confidential discussions and focus work on the floor. A place was created where employees decide individually how and where they can work best. At Flaschenpost, clearly defined zones offer various opportunities for retreat and concentration, as well as space for exchange and collaboration. A working environment that fosters existing talent and attracts more talent for the future. The heart of the office is a cafeteria, where people drink and eat, but where meetings, product tastings, informal exchanges and aperitifs are also welcome to take place.

    In line with the agile work culture and the desire to live New Work, a unique and unusual design concept was developed for Flaschenpost. The colorful carpet was designed for Flaschenpost as the interior design concept is intended to stimulate identification with the corporate philosophy, the culture and the brand through selected design highlights.

    Design: berry
    Photography: Dario Zimmerli | Studio DZ