Kaypee Mechanical Offices – Bharuch

Designed with a bespoke look and feel, Kaypee Mechanical's new Bharuch office provides employees with access to natural light and enhanced aesthetics.

  • Client Kaypee Mechanical,
  • size 2,500 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Bharuch, India,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • a+t associates designed a modern space to honor the company values of Kaypee Mechanical at their offices in Bharuch, India.

    This is a boutique mechanical and engineering office. As a space it portrays a strong thematic language which goes into the details of each element. The values expressed are based on confidence, reliability, fresh details and a coherent unity, showing the strength of the group.

    Natural light, spatial organization and transparency not only enhance aesthetics, but also support staff in working efficiently. One of the key features of the office is the architectural and interior design gesture of unifying space.

    This 2,500 sq.ft. Office site has the beautiful view of Narmada River. The finished product is multidimensional, warming environment and cosy, which can be easily adapted. All the products like furniture, lights, and partitions have been designed and customised by the firm itself.

    Design: a+t associates
    Design Team: Archis Patel, Tanvi Rjpurohit, Viral Shah
    Photography: Tejas Shah