SOLID Event Crew Offices – Zaandam

  • Client SOLID Event Crew,
  • size 3,014 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Zaandam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Hospitality,
  • Ninetynine revamped an industrial space to give SOLID Event Crew a functional and welcoming office in Zaandam, Netherlands.

    SOLID Event Crew, a company in the event industry, pairs the best staff with the best events.

    Studio Ninetynine designed their new office space, located in an existing office/warehouse building (in transition) called “Mainstage”. After a complete renovation and extension, also based on Ninetynine’s design vision, the Mainstage building will host a big group of companies related to the event industry. SOLID’s office space on the second floor stands out with almost 300 sqm and an 18-metre fully glazed facade overlooking the treetops.

    Design concept
    The SOLID office is a flexible and cohesive space that allows team collaboration and social connection on the one hand, and houses a call centre separated by a glass partition to ensure a high-focus atmosphere on the other. A large communal area with bright white gallery seating as its centrepiece allows larger gatherings, while a completely black meeting room is available to host small, intimate meetings or function as an edit suite.

    A material palette comprising concrete flooring, white walls, oak joinery, fresh white composite surfaces in contrast with soft black PET-panelling and subtle dark green accents brings a natural aesthetic to the space and creates an enduring, contemporary finish.

    Interior Design SOLID’s tagline is People, Knowledge, Network, and the main space-defining elements, such as the enclosed meeting room, the gallery seating, and the room divider, reflect these words in their visual appearance.

    The meeting room corresponds with KNOWLEDGE. Materialised as a black box, covered inside and out with patterned, black PET wall panels and black velvet curtains, this soft space preserves secrets & knowledge.

    The gallery seating is paired with the word PEOPLE. The U-shaped gallery with three seating levels and a seamlessly integrated high table act as a white canvas to be colourised by the staff. The materialisation is a combination of white cemented vertical surfaces and textured white composite horizontal surfaces. Small L-shaped tables made from perforated white powder-coated steel float above the gallery to be used as flexible working spots.

    The room divider between working and communal/social areas represents the word NETWORK. On a closed base, finished with oak ribbed panels, a steel structure of vertical and diagonal tubes features oak shelving to create a spectacular open element.

    A floor-to-ceiling cabinet made from full-body grey MDF separates the open areas from the enclosed areas, including storage and two small single-person offices. In addition to storage, the cabinet integrates a small phone booth: a small niche cladded with dark green PET panels featuring a small table and a dark green upholstered bench.

    Design: Ninetynine
    Photography: Ewout Huibers