Hyperscience Offices – New York City

Located on the 88th floor of One World Trade Center, Hyperscience's 36,000 square-foot office features an open reception area, cafeteria, and conference rooms, with a restrained color palette and natural light maximizing alternate work environments.

Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel, Architects embraced the high rise views and natural light at the Hyperscience offices in New York City, New York.

Hyperscience is a cutting-edge software development company focused on a human-centered approach to automation. Their new 36,000 square foot office, located on the 88th floor of One World Trade Center, includes an open reception, pantry and cafeteria, benching workstations, breakout rooms, and small and large conference rooms. The open reception area layers dark metal and wood finishes with greenery and views of the city. An alternate work environment of low-slung lounge chairs, sofas, and benching draws benefits from expansive views of New York Harbor and maximum exposure to natural light along the perimeter curtain-wall. A restrained palette of graphite, gray and black alludes to the textural mechanics of automation at the core of Hyperscience’s mission.

Design: Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel, Architects
Photography: Paul Warchol