Digient Technologies Offices – Chennai

Digient Technologies' workspace in Chennai is designed with unique themes and aesthetics for each floor, featuring vibrant colors, natural elements, and inspiring quotes to create a productive and uplifting environment.

  • Client Digient Technologies,
  • size 35,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Chennai, India,
  • Industry Technology,
  • ColabCompany was engaged by Digient Technologies to create a coastal-inspired aesthetic for their offices in Chennai, India.

    The first step inside the building introduces one to the coastal-inspired ambience of the ground floor with muted tints and shades of brown. A bold and elegant 3D artwork made with real shells, corals and sand, complements the curvilinear furniture, transporting one to a fun littoral destination. The locker room, with lockers painted in hues of red and yellow add a vibrant stroke, seeking inspiration from the magnificent colours of the sunrise and sunset.

    As we ascend to floor one, we experience an unparalleled workspace vibe through interesting nooks and corners, created for brainstorming, focused working and creative sessions in a maximalist yet contemporary style. Adorned with vibrant green plants, curvilinear, thoughtfully-crafted furniture and walls done through masterful colour blocking, this modern floor is perfect to get one in the highly-productive zone of working with an undistracting focus.

    The next floor, floor two, stands out for bold jardin-style design patterns with a splash of symmetry done up in an earthy palette. With benches and lamp posts that stimulate ideas along with giving you the feeling of being in a park inside a stunning glasshouse, the floor’s spaces are perfect to boost productivity, swiftly walking away from the mundane.

    Floor three is a subtle nod to flowy simplicity. The jute-knitted chairs, the tall bamboo plants with ivory, gray and violet seating options are effortlessly crafted in the style of refined materiality, verticality and repetition. A faint reminder of Japan and a floor that exudes Zen, the spaces are a sight for sore eyes and ergonomic to sit and work on for long hours. A thoughtful use of ceiling and floor lamps, on a floor flooded with natural light, illuminates it even further into a bright space, ideal for multiple ‘Eureka’ moments.

    As we climb to the top floor, we see that it is a metaphor for futuristic design. The modern composition is to give an impetus to a no-nonsense attitude towards work and to creation of bright ideas that shape the times to come. Skillfully done in monotone, the floor-to-ceiling windows and the bold curves create a style that is sui generis.

    For a breath of fresh air, after a long meeting, the terrace opens up to the sky and exudes a Soho garden vibe. It also has canopies to laze under at any given time of the day. This creation by the Colab Company is where you don’t just enjoy working but also fall in love with your craft again. The motivating quotes in different areas of the space are the final cherry on the top – changing the definition of office spaces in India.

    Design: ColabCompany
    Design Team: Hiren Ganatra, Yasha Mehta, Sandeep Tejwan
    Photography: Suryan//Dang