Zambon Biotech Offices – Cadempino

  • Client Zambon Biotech,
  • size 12,917 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Cadempino, Switzerland,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • studio elementare designed a space to allow dynamic work needs at the Zambon Biotech offices in Cadempino, Switzerland.

    A new office space, open, flexible and bright: they are the new Zambon Biotech offices, designed by studio elementare.

    The company has expressed the need to organize the spaces for the new offices into a large open space,as well as common areas – meeting room, break area, copy area and services, and offices for management.

    Studio elementare has therefore chosen to use elements capable to act as “filters of respect” and movable furnishings, as well as the extensive use of sound-absorbing materials, to ensure maximum flexibility and easy subdivision of spaces, according to different levels of visual or acoustic: this provides the right space for every work need, in a team, alone or on the phone.

    All the closed environments do not have right angles in the planimetry, accompanying the gaze along a continuous flow of sinuous spaces; the internal partitions have been realized with glass walls, which allow great brightness without hindering the acoustics and livability of the spaces. The colors turn towards delicate and neutral colors, to underline a shared, large and welcoming environment for workers and visitors.

    Design: studio elementare
    Photography: Lorenzo Zandri