Red Hat Offices – Singapore

The RedHat Singapore office, designed with the "Power of Dualism" concept, combines local Peranakan influences with international cosmopolitan and chic timelessness, creating a unique space that enhances social life and collaboration while highlighting the importance of nature.

  • Client Red Hat,
  • size 60,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • adrianse* designed the Red Hat offices with a strong brand identity throughout their space in Singapore.

    When conceptualizing this new space, we looked at what tech-giant RedHat means in the context of Singapore – a harmonious confluence between what the company is at heart and its new surroundings.

    To do so, we relied on the ‘Power of Dualism’ – melding of the old and new, of culture and technology, and the natural and the man-made; finding that odds can be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent.

    The mixing of local Peranakan influences of colorful geometry, fluidity, and natural-feel with international cosmopolitan and chic timelessness has created a unique design that provides the opportunity to enhance social life and peer collaboration.

    The design follows a biophilic material framework through organic trajectories and seamless transitions. The corridor simulates a “walk in the park,” and the seemingly leftover spaces act as catalysts of unplanned collisions, with technology elevating person-to-person and person-to-place connections to the next level.

    The importance of nature is also highlighted in the construction of this office, leading to a LEED ID+C Version 4 Gold Level Certification, achieving cradle to cradle goals that reduce ecological footprint. 90% of construction waste has been moved away from landfills, besides the office merits itself with HVAC energy consumption reduction of 42.5%, lighting energy consumption reduction of 52.3% as well as an annual water use reduction of 40.5% through efficient fixtures.

    adrianse* designed a space where people can be part of an ecosystem rather than just a corporate organization, resulting in 60% of employees returning to work as well as being ranked 6th – Singapore Best Workplaces In Tech (per Great Place To Work, 2022). We believe that the RedHat Singapore office, with its unmissable skyline views, has the ability to spark joy – where performance is effortless, social, casual, adaptive, and fun.

    Design: adrianse*
    Design Team: Santoshi BM, Alex Law, Chinmayee Ananth, Stefano Caglioni
    Photography: Patrick Lau