Orange Poland Offices – Warsaw

  • Client Orange,
  • size 8,900 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Industry Telecommunications,
  • Jander Kabza Architekci designed a bright and inviting space for Orange Poland at their offices in Warsaw, Poland.

    re_think, re_new, re_turn
    When analysing, context is an inseparable element in every design process. When talking about an office space design, it’s good to start with the place, organizational culture of a given company or the theme for Interior Design itself. In case of Orange Poland headquarter, a very important aspect appeared – that was the necessity of return to the offices after the global pandemic situation.

    Business at the organizational level have adapted and got used to the new standards and so the time has come to transform and adapt office spaces to the new needs of managers and employees.

    This is how the idea of interior rearrangement started with a new concept proposed by Jander Kabza Architects – ‘re-think, re-new, re-turn’.

    Complex change
    Orange Headquater in Warsaw is an office complex consisted of 5 interconnected buildings. The A5 building was unique and a pilot project.

    The main intention was to give up on closed offices in favour of open and semi-open spaces whilst also dedicating floor space for training, teleconference and meeting functions.

    To emphasize the effect of the change, it became necessary to introduce freshness and color to the designed interiors in addition to new leitmotifs dedicated to each of the buildings.

    In case of building A, the new design theme was Vistula River that crosses the city of Warsaw. So that the analogies are not too literal, the inspiration has been transformed into a graphic motif used in interior finishing elements and colors.

    Evolution of the layout
    The starting point for the change process was an existing floor plan, based on a corridor layout with separate offices and meeting rooms.

    The evolution of the plan in the first phase was based on partial openings of office rooms, increasing the number of semi-open spaces and natural light entering the interior of the building, thus improving the comfort of the common areas.

    The final layout was the introduction of new, oval shapes that intensified the perception of spaciousness of the interior. Numerous openings, partitions with rotating panels, and closings of views from different perspectives were intended to create interesting and varied spaces tailored to the needs of users.

    Open plan, light and colors
    Just as the river surrounds various islands, our open spaces and communications surround rooms with different functions. We can find here a variety of meeting rooms adapted to conducting teleconferences, brainstorms, rooms for individual work, as well as classic office workspaces.

    A very important part of the plan is the lounge area, which, thanks to a mobile glass wall, can easily connect to the adjacent conference room. The whole is treated as a multifunctional space conducive to the organization of training, networking, or any other form of meetings. An additional advantage of this part of the floor is the immediate vicinity of a main conference room and an external terrace.

    Energetic, fresh, friendly
    The perception of the project is bright, lively, colorful and not flashy at the same time. Large amount of white on the walls and ceiling illuminate the interior while the elements in blue, navy blue and orange stand out against the background. Wooden materials and a large amount of greenery have become the complement. Energetic, fresh, friendly – this is how Jander Kabza Architects describe the final impression of the new Orange office interior.

    Design: Jander Kabza Architekci
    Architect: Bartek Jander, Dominik Kabza
    Design Team: Justyna Szargan, Mateusz Ignaczak, Joanna Najbert, Anna Wira, Marta Strzałka
    Photography: Dariusz Majgier