Grafton Bond Building Spec Suites – Sydney

  • Client Investa,
  • size 5,565 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Sydney, Australia,
  • Industry Spec Suite,
  • Amicus designed a sophisticated and modern space for the Grafton Bond Building Spec Suites in Sydney, Australia.

    Located just moments from Sydney’s CBD, Circular Quay, and the Barangaroo precinct, the historic Grafton Bond Building is home to offices and business hubs. Built in 1881, the heritage-listed structure features sandstone masonry, heavy hardwood posts and girders, with joists, herringboning, and timber flooring. The building was originally used as a store for wool and other shipping cargo, and its warehouses have since been converted to suites for modern commercial use.

    Project Background
    The space was dark and in need of a renovation to bring it up to date with modern design sensibilities. To make it stand out in the competitive Sydney CBD property market, Investa partnered with Amicus and Colliers to create modern and effortlessly designed speculative suites. Amicus provided design expertise and construction support from the outset and acted as a solid partner throughout the project’s decision-making journey.

    The Design
    Working harmoniously with Colliers, Investa, and their project management provider TSA, the design was born from a synergetic understanding of the space. The design was a critical point of difference, highlighting the building’s history and heritage while providing a contemporary workspace solution for tenants.

    Inspired by the contrast between the lightness of the spaces and the solid, industrial features of the building, the suites’ design balances these elements harmoniously. Working closely with a heritage building consultant, the design solution was a creative blend of styling and strategic construction. Natural lighting was magnified through design, with a soft colour palette, sheer curtains and glazing.

    Spec Suite Success
    The sophisticated yet uncomplicated design paired with a balanced relationship between heritage elements and functionality resulted in great interest in the suites before construction was even completed, with one suite being leased based on the design plans and renders alone.

    A collaborative partnership between Investa, Colliers and Amicus was paramount for the success of this project.

    Design: Amicus
    Furniture: Krost, Temple & Webster
    Photography: Eric Yip