JobStreet by Seek Asia Offices – Singapore

  • Client JobStreet by Seek Asia,
  • size 3,606 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Conexus Studio designed a playful and communal space for the Jobstreet by Seek Asia offices in Singapore.

    JobStreet’s move to a new office was an opportunity for the leading online job portal to transition its workforce to a successful hybrid workplace and also for its interior design to better embody the firm’s brand identity and core values.

    Conexus Studio was tasked with creating an environment that would inspire productivity, promote collaboration and engagement, and ultimately support the culture of the company and better work-life balance of employees. The concept for the space was based on the idea of bringing the vibrancy of the ‘street’ into the office, with a focus on creating a comfortable and cohesive work environment that would support the company’s employees.

    Taking inspiration from the unique adjoining sky garden in the architecturally renowned mixed-used development of Guoco Tower, the design maximises the use of greenery and natural light to bring the outdoors in, promoting wellbeing and a connection to nature.

    The design also draws on the Singapore context, with design features inspired by local architecture and traditional materials. Visitors are greeted with a living wall and Art Deco shophouse influences in the entryway — a nod to our Garden City’s rich history and green credentials — before turning the corner into a vibrant work-café — reminiscent of a shophouse’s internal courtyard — for the JobStreet community to come together to socialize and relax.

    The office space is designed to support the company’s hybrid work model, with a variety of social, collaboration and focus work settings equipped with the latest in digital and smart technologies to support a connected and productive workforce. A palette of different materials and finishes delineate each area, and lively colors and distinctive artwork add to a vibrant and inviting atmosphere while still remaining professional.

    With JobStreet’s hybrid workforce now on unassigned seating arrangements, the ‘corner office’ has given way to a cozy nook where employees can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the office overlooking the breathtaking Singapore skyline. The modern office space is also designed with employee wellness in mind, offering plenty of opportunities to stay active and recharge throughout the day: whether at the height-adjustable workstations, changing up seats at the work-café, or taking a break for a game of pool or even mini-golf!

    Design: Conexus Studio
    Photography: Kelvin Cuff