Frasers Property Offices – Hanoi

  • Client Frasers Property,
  • size 3,122 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Hanoi, Vietnam,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • G-i Corporation designed a sophisticated space for the Frasers Property offices in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    The client wants to bring their office up to a standard of luxury so that their clients and potential customers would be impressed and feel welcome. The central meeting room, meant to receive VIP partners, should fit the company’s premium needs. The overall aesthetic orientation has to be elegant and contemporary while remaining approachable. The office aims at sustainability and healthy working standards for all those involved. Everything and every detail should be made at top quality.

    Our solution for them is an appealing workspace that integrates hospitality spaces’ aesthetic elements. High-end materials, such as marble and polished stainless steel are combined with a variety of modern, high-quality ergonomic furniture and high-standard equipment to bring a sense of prestige, luxury, and collaboration. With warm tones of leather and darker in contrast with brighter wood, the interior is both professional and welcoming. An emphasis on light – both natural light and lighting systems as well as green plants creates the perfect space for a company that is looking to be sustainable and impressive. Therefore, the interior is meant to be inviting, while still allowing the inside people to focus on their work. The main meeting room is especially large, to accommodate high-profile guests and partners of Frasers Property. Our pride was the meticulousness in the perfection of each detail and each angle, adhering to each request of the Customer.

    The end result is a luxurious yet comfortable space that has plenty of room to grow and plays a part in the company’s future.

    Design: G-i Corporation
    Furniture Dealer: OSOS
    Photography: Abluebird Photography