Firebolt Offices – Tel Aviv

  • Client Firebolt,
  • size 13,455 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Switchup designed a bright, open, and collaborative space for the Firebolt offices in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Firebolt is a cloud data warehouse that delivers terabyte-scale performance for next-gen analytics experiences. When Switchup was approached to design an office for Firebolt, the goal was to create an environment that would inspire energy and innovation among its incredible engineers. Switchup’s designers set out to create an office that reflected Firebolt’s cutting-edge technology, passion, and dedication to delivering top-of-the-line data warehousing solutions.

    To achieve this goal, Switchup started by designing a space that was bright, open, and flooded with natural light. The designers chose a vibrant red color scheme that was infused with dynamic artworks to inspire energy and creativity. This color choice reflected Firebolt’s innovative spirit and passion for their work. Additionally, the artworks and graphics were strategically placed to create a sense of movement throughout the space, encouraging employees to stay energized and motivated.

    Collaboration was a key focus of the office design. Switchup incorporated collaborative workspaces into the office design, including open desks that allowed for easy communication and group work, as well as private offices for focused individual work. The office was designed with various conference rooms and meeting areas that facilitated the exchange of ideas among team members. Communal areas, such as the kitchen, were furnished with comfortable and ergonomic chairs and couches that allowed for relaxation and socializing, promoting a positive and inclusive company culture.

    In addition to encouraging collaboration, the layout of the office was designed to promote movement and interaction. Employees can move between different areas of the office, and the communal spaces were strategically placed to encourage interaction and teamwork. This design choice fostered a sense of community among employees, promoting a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

    To enhance employee productivity, Switchup also focused on practical features. The lighting system was designed to minimize glare and eyestrain, and the office was equipped with adjustable height desks and ergonomic chairs to ensure employee comfort. The result was a workspace that was both aesthetically pleasing and practical, with the necessary features to support employee productivity.

    Overall, Switchup’s design for the Firebolt office succeeded in creating an environment that reflected the company’s innovative spirit, while also fostering collaboration and productivity. It was a space designed to meet the practical needs of a growing company while providing a comfortable and inspiring environment for its employees.

    Design: Switchup
    Photography: Adva Raz