Samara Consultants Offices – Kochi

  • Client Samara,
  • size 3,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Kochi, India,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • theKcompany designed the Samara Consultants offices with moody colors and greenery to brighten the space in Kochi, India.

    Samara boasts reflection and introspection, along with the functionality that brings it together. Located in Kakkanad, an urban precinct, it sits on the 3rd floor of a 5-storey building abutted by the main road, but with a lush canopied tree along the side, which offers a break in the monotonous view of concrete constructs.

    The space is an embodiment of the client’s love for nature and living alongside it, which reflects in the office as ample natural light, natural plants, and his feathered companions. The space opens into a lounge that is reflective of the green and tropical paradise that is Kerala while being rooted in the zen ideals of living and mindfulness.

    The client had clear concepts of his office culture and the themes that would facilitate relaxed and calm environs while bringing the best of the efficacy. The casual palette of blues and whites encompasses this core ideal, while also adhering to the official theme, though not overpoweringly so.

    Spread across the entire floor space in a C-shape, the office spans around a common lobby. The spatial planning mainly focused on priority and depth of access. Public and semi-public spaces are kept towards the entrance, while the workstations, offices for the team heads, and HR offices are hidden from plain sight, but remain easily accessible. The MD and GM cabins, along with the lounge space, feature a glass wall. The dense flora along the same cuts the slanting rays of the setting sun, and the double-layer glass helps cut down the greenhouse effect, and subsequent heat. Hidden in plain view but also readily accessible are the pantry, toilets, smoking room, and storeroom, along with other amenities.

    The entire office is strategically divided into two by a common area, that houses custom-made, ovoid swing chairs and entertainment consoles. Being one of the most interactive spaces, this space offers a transitional space in the office, as it is encompassed by all the individual office spaces in the house, irrespective of the department.

    One of the challenges faced was the low height of the space, which meant that the inclusion of centralized AC was to be rethought. The other challenge was that as the office was spread across an entire floor of the building, the movement between spaces had to be designed to minimize the hassle of getting to each space while not finding it tedious. This was achieved with adequate break points and interaction nodes along the main circulation. Glass partition and gypsum divisions were used to divide the spaces, while masonry was used at locations as needed. Plywood and laminate details were used to highlight various walls and focal points.

    The biggest strength came from the fact that the client gave absolute creative freedom in terms of design, keeping his interests open and amenable to suggestions. His main focus and interest were vested in the lounge area, which was to cater to the majority of his clients, ranging from all spectrums of entrepreneurs, corporate heads, and national and international dignitaries. He wanted to draw inspiration from the vertical spaces, and the multiple eco-projects from Singapore to bring together his vision of a green haven in the middle of a city. As a deeply spiritual person, drawn to the art of zen and oneness with nature, the space is interspersed with relics of Lord Buddha, mostly in the postures reflecting the same. Another welcome addition to the lounge was the white friendly cockatoo, and the brightly coloured macaws.

    Remaining true to the requirements, Samara opens into the lush green lounge, complete with the lush greens and the welcoming cries of the cockatoo and the macaws, encompassing the visitors in the client’s love for nature and the beings with it. And the office spaces, with their signature theme, and palette, bring about inviting, relaxing office environs while remaining on page with the professional and productive demands of their work ethics.

    Design: theKcompany
    Design Team: Kishan Sabi, Shebeeba, Ananth Jayaraj, Ajay, Thasreef, Porchezhiyan, Nikhi
    Photography: Nathan Photos