Panattoni Offices – Katowice

  • Client Panattoni,
  • size 9,688 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Katowice, Poland,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • Massive Design completed a space with distinct offices for Panattoni in Katowice, Poland.

    Panattoni has expanded its presence in the Silesian Urban Area by relocating its regional branch to the 27th floor of the KTW II office building in Katowice. This office is one of 11 Panattoni branches in Poland and 53 worldwide. The space was designed from scratch, allowing for the implementation of ecological and well-being solutions, as well as the creation of a space to showcase the history of the region and Panattoni’s operations in Silesia. The interior design was based on a plan created by a team that worked with the Massive Design studio. The project was led by the Panattoni Office Project Manager and a team of designers from an architectural studio led by Maciej Sawiński. The result is a modern and eco-friendly office with a strong emphasis on using natural and recycled finishing materials, such as natural wood and felt made from PET plastic. The office is also equipped with energy-efficient appliances and infrared sensor taps. The KTW II building itself has achieved a BREEAM Interim Design Stage rating of ‘Excellent’ and is the highest-rated building in Katowice.

    The office features dedicated rooms to showcase the textile tradition of Bielsko-Biała, the history of the Nikiszowiec settlement, and Panattoni’s activities in the region. Another room is devoted to showcasing the company’s sustainability and environmental solutions used in its industrial and logistics parks. The Panattoni office also emphasizes building strong relationships with its workers. As such, the decoration of the office was co-created by team members and their children, with their creative work displayed in the mother and child room as part of the ‘My Parent’s Workplace’ project.

    Design: Massive Design
    Photography: courtesy of Panattoni