Anshan Naibang Chemicals Offices – Anshan

  • Client Anshan Naibang Chemicals,
  • size 21,571 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Anshan, China,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Wave.GB completed the Anshan Naibang Chemicals offices using paint as an inspiration for their space in Anshan, China.

    The general office building of Anshan Naibang Chemicals Ltd. was designed by Wave.GB. It mainly manufactures paint products, servicing the steel plant of the enterprise; the project is located in Tai’an County, Anshan City, Liaoning Province. The project has a footprint of 2004m².

    Paint is a flowing color. The designer uses the conveyor belt on the production line as a source of inspiration, extracting and simplifying the pipelines and equipment, presenting as a device in a modern office environment, “injecting” colors into every space.

    This project integrates various functions such as laboratories, canteens, offices, and exhibition halls. The space uses white and gray as the foundation color to contrast the colors of the interior. Different proportions of metal, wood, and colors separate different function areas creating different spatial atmospheres.

    The first floor is mainly a reception area, laboratory, and canteen. The entrance area uses paint cans from the original production line by deconstructing and remodeling, creating cut surfaces to achieve a split effect. The transparent screen shows the paint flowing inside in various colors; the pipes are staggered out and inject colors into different spaces.

    The front desk is “injected” by a pipeline of colors dividing into different red sections; the design of the front desk follows the flow effect in a circular shape; a blue resting area and a yellow reception room are also “injected” into the entrance area; the open corridor door leading to the cafeteria reveals a wall that “infuses” orange inside, forming a strong contrast between the gray tone and the colors; strengthening the visual experience of color injections; several spaces around the atrium’s installations forms a vivid visual effect, transmitting the enterprises’ manufacturing contents also creating memory points.

    The interior of the cafeteria is mainly composed of wood and eco-friendly materials. The seats of the bar counter and booths make the space more like a coffee shop, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

    The overall color of the interior space of the laboratory is white, combined with metal partition walls and ceilings to create a modern and technological environment. The ceiling is a custom module comprised of lights, an interface for the mechanical arm, A/C and ventilation, and maintenance access unified in one design element to fulfill all the needs of the space.

    The main function of the second floor is the office, exhibition hall, and pantry area. The second-floor space is mainly white. The pipes protruding from the atrium continue injecting color into each area. At the same time, the pipes are injected upward into the circular skylight of the atrium.

    The pantry area is blue as a whole, spreading to the inside of the shape where the stair handrail is exposed and the rest area where the passage wall is opened.

    The exhibition hall is a transparent corridor; walking inside can overlook the atrium installation while learning the contents of the exhibition.

    The open office area is dominated by green, yellow, and wood veneer, and the interior is also divided into the meeting area and the rest booth by the window through colors.

    The independent office and the large conference room use a large proportion of wood veneer and color matching to create a relaxed and clean office environment.

    Design: Wave.GB
    Design Team: Wenyu Gao, Yang Bai
    Photography: Ning Wang