Carnegie Investment Bank Offices – Helsinki

Fyra designed Carnegie Investment Bank's offices in Helsinki with a focus on preserving original materials, a Nordic atmosphere, and a physical separation between operations while facilitating team encounters with modern wooden furniture and calming design elements.

  • Client Carnegie,
  • size 10,226 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Helsinki, Finland,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Fyra designed the Carnegie Investment Bank offices with rich materials and thoughtful space in Helsinki, Finland.

    For investment bank Carnegie’s move, the upper level of the former UPM headquarter building was to be transformed into a functional office space with a distinctively esteemed ambience. The design process started by pre-establishing a few clear principles: since the operations are run by two separate divisions, Investment Banking and Securities, the space needed to be physically separated for regulatory reasons. In spite of the units’ separation, it was imperative to have a large functional break out area in order to facilitate daily breakfasts and unplanned encounters between teams during the day.

    Original materials, such as glass walls and doors, as well as notable amount of existing materials like suspended ceilings, were preserved to the greatest extent possible. With modern wooden furniture and timeless design classics, the space reflects Nordic atmosphere and ages with dignity. The broad, dark wooden surfaces reflect the aspired ambience of prestige. The design language communicates with the historic architecture of the building, with furniture, acoustic solutions, and structure designed to calm down the open office space.

    Design: Fyra
    Photography: Aleksti Tikkala