One Layer Offices – Tel Aviv

  • Client One Layer,
  • size 5,382 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Telecommunications,
  • Shchory Architects designed the One Layer offices with a strong brand identity in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    The One Layer office project, designed by Shchory Architects, is a modern and minimalist workspace for a technology company that develops security solutions for LTE/5G networks. The design is focused on functionality, simplicity, and beauty, with a clean and precise aesthetic that reflects the company’s mission and values.

    One of the most striking features of the One Layer office is its use of a restrained color palette and simple, timeless materials. The designers opted for a simple scheme based on the company’s brand book , with occasional accents of natural wood. This creates a cohesive and sophisticated atmosphere that is both calming and energizing, and serves to highlight the precise geometries and clean lines of the architecture.

    The design also features a variety of functional spaces that cater to the specific needs of the company and its employees. There are small “one on one” rooms, booth’s for sales and phone calls and large team rooms with open-plan workstations for individual and collaborative work, as well as private meeting rooms for more focused discussions. The open-plan layout is well-suited to the collaborative nature of the work being done, while the private rooms provide quiet spaces for concentration and privacy.

    Another notable aspect of the One Layer office is the emphasis on natural light and views of the surrounding cityscape. Large windows and glass partitions throughout the space allow for plenty of natural light to flood the interiors, creating a bright and airy environment that is conducive to creativity and productivity. The views of the city outside also serve as a source of inspiration and energy, connecting the workspace to the larger context of the urban environment.

    The design of the One Layer office is also notable for its attention to detail and use of understated yet elegant finishes. The furniture and lighting are sleek and minimal, with clean lines and simple forms that complement the architecture without detracting from it. The materials used throughout the space are durable and high-quality, but also unobtrusive, creating a sense of understated luxury that is both functional and beautiful.

    Overall, the One Layer office project is an excellent example of how a modern and minimalist design approach can be both beautiful and functional. By focusing on simplicity, functionality, and a restrained color palette.

    The use of natural light and views of the cityscape, combined with the understated yet elegant finishes, create a serene and inspiring atmosphere that is well-suited to the needs of the company and its employees.

    Design: Shchory Architects
    Lead Designer: Alyona Grigorenko
    Photography: Shay Epstein