BECI Offices – Brussels

  • Client BECI,
  • size 3,348 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Brussels, Belgium,
  • Industry Non-Profit / Government,
  • Space Refinery designed the BECI offices with natural tones and materials in Brussels, Belgium.

    We are always excited when a new project lands. But a client coming back for more is a whole different kind of joy! The goal of the project on the first floor was to transform a workspace for the BECI team. Now it was time to create a dedicated area for their members on the second floor.

    Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry (BECI) is on a mission to foster business, entrepreneurship, and networking through consulting and strategic guidance. By dedicating an entire floor to their members, they materialize a shift in their strategy: to focus on their community.

    The Challenge
    During the pandemic, BECI decided to renovate the second floor to create private spaces where community members could run meetings and events, bond with peers, and receive coaching.

    In addition to creating a brand-new members’ area, BECI wanted to foster connections between the members and their own team. To achieve this, they believed it was crucial to create a physical link between the two floors. It involved an ambitious task of breaking through the concrete floor and building a connecting staircase between the members’ floor and the BECI office on the floor below.

    Another challenge was maintaining coherence between the two floors despite the different design directions. The first floor provides a warm, casual atmosphere with organic elements and a biophilic design, while the second floor had to offer an elegant, and inviting ambiance for BECI’s members.

    The Outcome
    Together with the BECI team, we imagined and created a welcoming and classy environment to showcase their brand story.

    Warm, natural elements such as wood maintain consistency with the first floor’s design.

    The spacious kitchen, equipped with cafe tables, creates a great environment for social lunches and casual conversations. This versatile space is now also used for workshops and networking events.

    The second floor offers phone booths, elegant meeting rooms, and a special creative room that allows BECI’s team and members to experiment with different furniture setups for various types of meetings, workshops, and presentations.

    And let’s not forget the lounge area with a charming fireplace – it’s definitely one of the highlights of this project.

    As a result, the renovated second floor conveys BECI’s vision of providing more opportunities for their team and members to connect, create, and collaborate.

    Design: Space Refinery
    Photography: Hannelore Veelaert