Mason Studio Integrated Workspace – Toronto

  • Client Mason Studio,
  • size 3,800 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Toronto, Canada,
  • Industry Design,
  • Mason Studio considered the needs of their employees when creating their integrated workspace in Toronto, Canada.

    Mason Studio believes that a human-centric community-focused working space can help foster innovative thinking, encourage an exchange of ideas from within and outside the community studio, and be a place that people want to return to.

    The format of Mason Studio’s workplace considers the needs, personal preferences, and diverse cultural backgrounds of employees as essential for creating a truly inclusive and engaging work culture. This is integrated through a thoughtful and holistic approach through a range of strategies, including the incorporation of natural lighting in all spaces, and biophilic design elements within the built environment to create a calming atmosphere. Communal spaces inspire both collaboration and relaxation, including open rooms to share ideas and quiet nooks for those who prefer to work in a more private and focused setting.

    Created for the rejuvenation of mind and body and as a place to be present and have a personal moment, The Study Garden is where one can surround themselves with dozens of plants to study, read, meditate, or just be. The greenery and natural elements of the garden create a sense of tranquillity, helping to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

    Experimentation, practice, and hands-on learning are part of Mason Studio’s ethos, and the installations at the cultural hub are a tangible example of employee engagement, where everyone on the team has the opportunity to contribute their unique skills and ideas and be involved in the process.

    One particular exhibition includes Refuge In The Sky, a seven-foot floating island of lush and living greenery within the industrial studio. Floating just above head height, viewers are confronted with the deep roots of the foliage, an unfamiliar perspective. The installation was a collaborative effort, designed and constructed by members of Mason Studio’s team.

    Intended to be a continually dynamic and evolving experiment, the programming of Mason Studio’s community hub also includes initiatives like The Gallery at Mason Studio, a cultural and creative space for artists, designers, and makers by providing space and opportunities for emerging talent and established professionals. Individuals from equity-deserving communities are prioritized in The Gallery to ensure diverse ideas and experiences are expressed, and hosts exhibitions of emerging and underrepresented artists, public talks, lectures and tours of the space for students and aspiring designers. Everyone is welcome to the Gallery to experience how culture, business and creativity can come together to make better.

    Mason Studio also offers space to local food and beverage (F&B) companies to make Pelham a destination not just for design and culture, but also for socializing and enjoying local fare.

    The inaugural art exhibition at The Gallery at Mason Studio explored the idea of inspiring human connection through shared experience. The title of the work, Full Moon Reflected On The Ocean At 01:34, captures a universal yet individual experience of the moon reflected on the water. It intended to transport an audience from an industrial warehouse into an ethereal ocean and moonscape using commonly found materials. The use of fans undulating mylar film mimics the movement and sound of waves to create a sense of calm and reverence while the ‘moonlight’ dances on the ‘ocean.’

    Design: Mason Studio
    Photography: Scott Norsworthy