JetBrains Offices – Amsterdam

D/DOCK designed the JetBrains offices in Amsterdam with a focus on blending styles, creating a unique workspace that supports employee well-being, creativity, and work-life balance.

  • Client JetBrains,
  • size 129,167 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • D/DOCK designed the JetBrains offices with thoughtful blending of styles for their space in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    The unique new workspace of the global software company JetBrains aligns with its value to provide employees with a sustainable environment that nurtures well-being and creativity while supporting a healthy balance between work and recreation. We collaboratively achieved this by optimising the setup for privacy, acoustics, lighting, and minimal distractions.

    The interior design blends landscape architecture, a biophilic design, and environmental psychology principles. It features our “Office as a Landscape” concept, with each floor representing a different natural landscape: desert, forest, fields, and mountains. These scenes transform the workspace into an ecosystem that fosters creativity, movement, focus, and health. Moreover, it prioritises what employees want and need, allowing them to set their rhythms for the workday. The result is a space that caters to individual working preferences by offering various spatial layouts and types of furniture. Workstations provide focus, privacy, and comfort, creating an atmosphere of a “home away from home”, while team-based rooms become micro-communities on one floor of the building fostering collaboration.

    Sustainability is a key focus of this project, with recycled furniture and an automated system that adjusts sun protection, lighting, heating, and cooling based on sunlight penetration and occupancy levels. At the same time, employees can still configure their environments. JetBrains’ new Amsterdam office is a testament to their commitment to both employees and the environment.

    Design: D/DOCK
    Circular Design: Furnify
    Green Design: Makers of Sustainable Spaces
    Photography: Rick Geenjaar