Trevipay Offices – Overland Park

  • Client Trevipay,
  • size 69,152 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Overland Park, Kansas, United States,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Clockwork Architecture + Design was given the task of completing the Trevipay offices using thoughtful finishes in Overland Park, Kansas.

    Trevipay showcases how an abandoned office can be transformed into a vibrant and modern workspace that meets the needs of its new tenants. The challenge was to revitalize the neglected space, creating a functional and inspiring environment. Our innovative design solutions offer a fresh perspective.

    The café area serves as the social heart of the office, fostering collaboration and community. This versatile space encourages interaction and provides a relaxed setting for employees to exchange ideas. It accommodates both small gatherings and large events, promoting a vibrant work culture.

    To cater to privacy and focused work, we incorporated smaller phone booths and built-in seating booths. These intimate spaces allow employees to work away from their desks, make private calls, or engage in concentrated tasks. They provide a quiet retreat for rejuvenation.

    The office exudes a creative and modern aesthetic. Warm and neutral tones create a welcoming ambiance, while maximizing natural light promotes well-being. Sleek and ergonomic furniture enhances functionality, while curated artwork and greenery add a touch of inspiration.

    We strategically integrated collaborative spaces throughout the office. From casual breakout zones to formal meeting rooms, these areas encourage teamwork, creativity, and effective communication. Employees have access to diverse environments that foster innovation.

    The project successfully revitalized the abandoned office into a dynamic and contemporary workspace. The café area promotes collaboration, while smaller booths provide privacy. The creative and modern aesthetic, along with strategically placed collaborative spaces, enhances productivity and fosters a positive work environment. This transformation exemplifies the power of interior design in repurposing spaces and creating exceptional workplaces.

    Design: Clockwork Architecture + Design
    Design Team: Lara Schneider, Marie Lisman, Elle Abernathy
    Photography: Bob Greenspan Photography