Castrol Offices – Istanbul

  • Client Castrol,
  • size 4,628 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Energy / Mining / Oil,
  • Altıpatlar Architects intertwined brand identity and thoughtful style for the Castrol offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Castrol is a worldwide company that also has an office in Istanbul, Turkey. The office we designed is unique since the space we created shows how much we and the company values their employees’ satisfaction and motivation.

    The office is generally an open space with a 430 m2 floor plan. This project of Castrol is designed to be energetic and dynamic which would help formulate a better working environment. There are benches added to create a much more comfortable working place that could either be used as a meeting spot or to relax. As for the shared spaces, we added different games and activities which helped improve the employees’ motivation status. We also added lockers for everyone to store their personal items as well as bar desks to eat, drink and work at the same time. We also made divided rooms for a more flexible work environment which means every employee can choose where and how to work depending on the day.

    The overall design is dynamic and shows the modernity of Castrol. The office is full of energy with a vibrant color palette and Castrol’s signature colors; green, red, and white.

    Design: Altıpatlar Architects
    Design Team: Yasin Altıpat, Bilge Gürgenç, Yasemin Altıpat
    Photography: Emir Uzun