Belles Feuilles Marketing Suite and Common Areas – Paris

  • Client GCI,
  • size 37,674 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Spec Suite,
  • ARCH.DESIGN designed the Belles Feuilles Marketing Suite and Common Areas for GCI in Paris, France.

    It’s in the heart of the 16° arrondissement of Paris, that ARCH.DESIGN came together with GCI, a leading property investment company, to give life to the Marketing Suite and Common Areas of the Belles Feuilles building. This company has been investing alongside renowned international investors since 1975. It has been actively involved in adding value to more than 1.7 million square meters of high-grade office space in the main business districts in the Paris region and in the major provincial cities.

    Their new building, Belles Feuilles, is a building GCI bought in 2019, which used to be the headquarters of Lafarge. In designing this building, the idea was to create a premium, high-quality building, with very efficient floors and a lot of green spaces, with rooftops, vegetation, gardens and terraces. It has been designed especially for users, and for their comfort above all. Their one-mission was to create a very high-standard building, to match with their users’ profile. The Belles Feuilles building now offers tertiary spaces connected to nature and the city, to provide a user experience based on quality of life at work and well-being.

    Belles Feuilles has a number of very high-level environmental labels; for example, the Marketing Suite, in which they reused some of the furniture in a few areas. And for the social side, they’ve created rest rooms, a wellness room and a fitness room. So, once again, all this has been designed with user comfort in mind.

    Expertise and creativity, combined with a constant collaboration and communication between GCI and ARCH.DESIGN, have resulted in a beautiful, avant-garde workspace that combines functionality, aesthetics and GCI’s vision: offering a very high-standard workspace to their users, putting their comfort at the heart of their attention.

    Design: ARCH.DESIGN
    Furniture Dealer: Orangelo
    Photography: Delphine Coutant