Tutlo Offices – Warsaw

  • Client Tutlo,
  • size 9,688 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Industry Education,
  • pikstudio was tasked with delivering a welcoming and dynamic space for employees at Tutlo in Warsaw, Poland.

    About 1000m2 of space in an old tenement house in the center of Warsaw is the new seat of Tutlo, a prestigious language school. This area is intended for administrative employees and the company’s management board. It is the last floor of a recently renovated tenement house in the center of Warsaw. The top floor has a large roof glazing in the corner of the building.

    The task entrusted to us was to design this entire space for workplaces for over 100 employees, the CEO’s office with a guest room, 4 conference rooms, 2 social spaces, lots of common spaces and a large chill out room located in the aforementioned corner of the tenement house with a huge skylight.

    When it comes to design, we used the colors associated with the company, i.e. yellow and black, and the ubiquitous GREEN. This is the leading element in most of the designed space. In addition, the interior is complemented by a large amount of interesting vegetation. The cabinet-pots with plants designed by us are designed to separate workplaces at desks from communication. Plants also hang from the ceilings as well as specially designed frames around the lamps. Plants also appear on the walls, among others, as a background for the company’s logo. A very careful selection of furniture in terms of use and design plays an important role in this interior. The selection of lighting was a big challenge, we have hanging lamps to illuminate the workplace, as well as a number of decorative lamps, rings, sconces, and cool-looking LED strips in the form of interpenetrating wavy lines.

    In the office you will find a lot of places, i.e. telephone booths or sofas, armchairs for free work, meetings or rest. The whole assumption is to create a positive perception of the workplace.

    The management of Tutlo focused on the employee and his needs.

    Design: pikstudio
    Photography: Wiojnar