Aurora Design Offices – Kunming

  • Client Aurora Design,
  • size 2,583 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Kunming, China,
  • Industry Architecture Firm, Design,
  • Aurora Design completed a sophisticated and thoughtful space for their own team in Kunming, China.

    Aurora Design is a high-end interior design firm that focuses on space design. It is committed to creating empathetic and aesthetic spaces for consumers, which interprets the current consumption trends.

    Adhering to the design philosophy of “creating fantasy and beauty,” Aurora Design has provided comprehensive and ultimate design consulting services for elite clients in various fields such as custom wedding photography spaces, commercial retail shops, independent/chain restaurants, exhibition spaces, high-end residences, and art installations. Through years of brand services and project implementation, Aurora Design has reinterpreted the inherent brand business model, offering clients a fresh perspective on design.

    The inherent contrasting colors of the city have given the new office of Aurora Design a natural language system. The new office, located in Kunming, is a mix of novelty, adventure and antiquity. In this city that is always full of interesting adventures, we follow the innovative intuition of designers and cast away the serious image and inherent rules of office spaces. Inspired by the brand philosophy of “creating fantasy and beauty,” we create a unique “Aurora rabbit hole.” It is diverse and relaxing, efficient but free, and full of youthful enthusiasm. It is the freshness and strangeness you encountered in the city during your adventure.

    At the end of the long corridor, the sudden burst of natural light reveals the space in front of our eyes. The gentle interweaving of wood and metal guides us towards an open space that is inclusive and diverse. Whether leaning on the corner of a table or lying on the floor, you are free to come up with new ideas and let your mind explore fresh thoughts.

    With the diverse configuration of space functions, people are no longer confined to seriousness at work. They can sit quietly, communicate, discuss, and await fresh ideas to come up in this space.

    As we follow this gentle narration forward, a brighter and more diverse space unfolds in front of us. The ups and downs of the flooring create a sense of freedom and variation in silence, allowing seamless and efficient transitions between different functions. Only those who are sensitive can discover the emotion hidden within the space, which is also a part of the adventure.

    Stepping onto the stairs, a balance between openness and privacy is achieved within the space. Large warm-colored areas and orderly patterns leave a large blank space, while the liveliness and restraint interweaves with each other in this space where the innovative color combines with the semi-open spatial forms. The vibrant color that represents youth and energy can trigger more new and exciting ideas.

    Different colors and forms create a surreal dreamlike space, like the inexplicable adventures in the fantasy dream. Every surprise in each corner triggers different creative ideas, leading to the creation of even more captivating and enchanting scenes.

    The strong metallic reflections contrast harmoniously with the scattered reflections of light on the glass, while the combination of point light sources and linear lighting enhances the sense of privacy within the space.

    In the living room, ideas and inspirations are everywhere, and you happily pick them up one by one, arranging and presenting them in your own way. You tell each visitor about their origins, discoveries, and the stories waiting for an ending. Regarding color and form, they each have their own free way to develop and continue.

    The entire office space is immersed in a free and relaxing atmosphere, without the serious and rigid image of a traditional office, nor the boredom during repetitive workdays. From functional layout to atmosphere, we care about the diverse needs of every partner in the workspace. This shared office space represents youthfulness and encourages the free flow of creativity.

    AURORA DESIGN’s new office in Kunming shuttles through the city that is full of adventure and fresh experiences with its elegance and dreamlike features, capturing the freshness of every moment with beauty that seems to come from the imagination.

    Design: Aurora Design
    Design Team: Yang Xuewan, Wang Da, Zhang Sijie
    Contractor: Rebuilding Space Lab
    Photography: Na Xin from INSPACE