HQ DC House Coworking Offices – Washington DC

Drummond Projects designed a high-end workspace at the HQ DC House co-working offices in Washington DC incorporating a mix of contemporary additions and existing architectural elements.

  • Client HQ DC,
  • size 9,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Washington DC, United States,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Drummond Projects was tasked with creating a high-end workspace at the HQ DC House coworking offices in Washington DC.

    HQ DC House is a dedicated luxury membership space spanning three floors within the 1861 Oriental Building in Washington DC. Designed for flexible programming, the venue is configurable to host a multitude of activities; such as co-working, film screenings, conferences, private events, and wellness which include yoga, boxing, and spin. The revitalization of this space by DC-based architecture firm—Drummond Projects, unifies existing structural elements with new contemporary additions, and is styled with eclectic furnishings.

    HQ DC was envisioned as a multicultural members-only house that would congregate businessmen, innovators, politicians, entertainers, sports players and other thought leaders. The clients—an entrepreneurial brother duo, desired to especially support people of color who are career-minded and provide them with a comfortable yet sophisticated environment to work in. A multi-use space for multicultural activations of this caliber and scale was missing from the social fabric of DC and the Burns Brothers recognized the need for it.

    Architectural sensitivity was exercised to honor the Renaissance Revival style of the building that was originally designed by Albert Goehner. Drummond Projects’ intervention sought to frame moments throughout the space. A white drywall form was injected to sit inside of the historic brick container, accentuating the curvilinear recessing on the ceiling and arches cut out along the windows so as to mirror the original exterior façade. Existing characteristics such as the brick, oak paneled floor and terracotta ceiling were exposed to highlight the dialogue between old and new.

    Materials such as extruded walnut panels delineate the bar, kitchen and the corridor wall; quartz granite was selected for the countertops; terrazzo tile was used on the bathroom floor; and glass enclosures form office spaces. Three layers of light—ambient, luminescent and focal glow were implemented on all three floors to facilitate the varying functions of the space. Bright, open rooms minimize partitions to encourage circuitous flow and interactions amongst its users. The large, expansive spaces inspire collaboration while dedicated meeting rooms allow for privacy.

    HQ DC addresses shifts in office culture in a post-pandemic era. Traditional perimeter office spaces set defined boundaries of where to work and where to socialize—employees are often tethered to desks in rigid, inflexible spaces with upright chairs that discourage movement. The clubhouse is void of work desks and instead, introduces four different table heights. This allows for casual, flexible seating whether users are engaged in computer work, socializing around the bar or participating in conference meetings across three distinct spaces—The House Lounge, The Retreat, and The Penthouse. Members are empowered to choose how they want to work, whether in a relaxed or more composed way. As workers have been accustomed to working from home over the last few years, the clubhouse is made to feel like one’s own personal living room.

    Design: Drummond Projects
    Photography: Derek & Vee