JustCo One City Centre Coworking Offices – Bangkok

  • Client JustCo,
  • size 56,273 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • JustCo designed the JustCo One City Centre coworking offices with natural light and nature-inspired materials in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Nestled in the heart of Ploenchit, one of Bangkok’s key business districts, JustCo One City Centre is surrounded by skyscrapers and the enthralling city skyline of this bustling Asian metropolis. While modern workers may not be able to completely escape the pressure of a competitive society, they can choose to work in a conducive and relaxing environment, where nature is naturally infused into the workspace.

    Located on floors 37 to 40 of the newly completed luxury office building One City Centre, JustCo’s newest coworking space in Bangkok offers a tranquil oasis for modern workers seeking respite from the daily hustle and bustle. The incorporation of natural wood and rattan elements in the flooring, furniture, and overall design creates a warm and inviting ambience that promotes stress diffusion and productivity.

    In addition to the overall naturalistic design elements, JustCo’s in-house designers have specially lined the 56,273 square foot coworking space with live plants. These plants perfectly complement the wooden and rattan furnishings in the space, creating pockets of greenery within a purpose-built workspace tucked amidst high-rise buildings. Modern workers can carry out discussions with business counterparts at the sofa lounge, which faces panoramic views of blue skies and the city skyline. They can also focus on their work in the hot desk stations, which are separated by wooden and rattan partitions.

    JustCo also maximised natural lighting in the workspace by using floor-to-ceiling windows, which also enhanced the visual appeal and offered panoramic views of the city. Numerous studies have shown that natural light in office spaces improves worker satisfaction and productivity.

    In addition to the nature-inspired elements, JustCo also specifically added curved seating designs in the hotel-like lounge area to create a cosier and more convivial environment. These rounded lines and cosy sitting arrangement within the overall design scheme facilitate dialogue and interactions between people, contributing to a sense of closeness, which echoes the collaborative nature of coworking spaces.

    The overall design philosophy of JustCo One City Centre is to bring nature into the workspace, recognising the impact of nature on our well-being and productivity. Biophilic designs, which are inspired by nature, create spaces that resonate with our innate need to connect with nature and help us to relax our minds at work. Research has demonstrated that wooden furnishings and indoor natural wood surfaces can help to ease stress and improve physiological health in the workplace.

    JustCo also partnered with a local coffee brand to include a local touch to the coworking space, in addition to its nature-inspired purpose-built workspaces for different work modalities. Similarly furnished with biophilic design elements, this modern “café in the clouds” offers modern workers a unique work experience as they enjoy their aromatic coffee in a conducive workspace with stunning views of Bangkok. This strong sense of place and culture is also integral to the overall design of the coworking space, creating a workspace where modern workers in Thailand can feel a sense of belonging and work comfortably to achieve their career milestones.

    Design: JustCo
    Photography: courtesy of JustCo