VcanBio Group Offices – Jinan

  • Client Vcanbio Group,
  • size 17,200 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Jinan, China,
  • Industry Technology,
  • RDA Team designed the VcanBio Group offices with intention given to layout in Jinan, China.

    As a pioneer in the field of precision medicine, Vcanbio Group (stock code: 600645) is committed to advancing innovation in “Precision Prevention,” “Precision Diagnosis,” and “Cell Therapy.” Driven by this visionary corporate mission, RDA Design Team had the privilege of designing the new headquarters office and exhibition space for Vcanbio Group Jinan Center, located in the Lishan Cell Industry Park in Jinan, covering an area of 2000 square meters. This design project not only reflects the core philosophy of Vcanbio Group but also showcases RDA’s expertise in spatial design and execution.

    Our design team deeply understood the brand spirit and business needs of Vcanbio Group, centering the design around technology, the future, and excellence to create a space that is both minimalistic and stylish. The office center is designed to foster a top-tier operational and reception area, incorporating concepts of international leading efficient office environments. The exhibition center emphasizes a technological feel, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technological innovation with brand visuals, becoming a key aspect of Vcanbio Group’s brand identity. In designing the service center, attention to detail was paramount, employing a sophisticated and fashionable style to create a bright and warm space. The clever combination of soft ambient lighting and tasteful decorations provides a serene and elegant environment for customers.

    RDA Design Team’s work on the Vcanbio Group Jinan Center is more than just spatial design; it’s a conveyance of brand culture and philosophy. Through each meticulously designed detail, our aim was to inspire trust in customers, creating a strong sense of belonging, thereby further solidifying Vcanbio Group’s leadership position in the field of precision medicine.

    Design: RDA Team
    Design Director: Uran Wang
    Designer Team: Talia Zhang, Alice Han, Jack Song, Sieh Zhang, Jam Wu, Emma Han
    Project Team: Litchi Zhao, Bo Gong, Christina Wang
    Photography: Uran Wang