Hundsun Offices – Hangzhou

M Moser Associates designed the Hangzhou Digital Hundsun Centre as a unique and multifunctional space, incorporating the “LIGHT PARK” concept to create an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and wellbeing among the employees.

  • Client Hundsun,
  • size 11,840 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Hangzhou, China,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Fintech company, Hundsun, is focused on “Making Finance Easy”. To support this mission, it engaged us to create a unique and multifunctional space at the Hangzhou Digital Hundsun Centre. The new workplace would serve as a hub for relaxation, product demos, events and learning.

    Through our integrated design and construction services, we’ve created an environment that elevates brand image and encourages collaborative learning and innovation among employees.

    Creating a people-centric oasis
    With a deep understanding of the client’s vision, we merged Hundsun’s products and people-focused approach, giving rise to the “LIGHT PARK” concept. Just as city parks offer a break from urban life, the LIGHT PARK acts as a haven for Hundsun’s staff to recharge.

    An intuitive layout to support navigation
    Inspired by a camera lens, the LIGHT PARK features a circular layout that supports intuitive navigation and seamless connections between people. It incorporates focal points and multipurpose areas. Including the Vitality Island, Fintech Gallery, Geek Valley, Central Square, Living Room, Photosynthesis Book Bar, Meditation Room and 1024 Corridor.

    The versatility of the space reflects one of the fundamental characteristics of a lens – its ability to adapt and support a wide range of needs and viewpoints.

    Encouraging community interaction with dynamic spaces
    The LIGHT PARK enhances Hundsun’s community culture. It supports interaction and growth through designated focal points and multifunctional design. For example, the Central Square is a dynamic nexus that can easily adapt for different uses. Here people converge to host formal and casual events, exhibitions and other group activities.

    The Living Room provides a cosy retreat where staff can socialise and unwind by playing table football and darts.

    Keeping people inspired to drive tech innovation
    Over 50% of Hundsun’s staff are programmers, so the space mirrors the company’s tech-focused culture and brand heritage.

    Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Geek Valley is a dynamic hub where technology enthusiasts can collaborate and create. Hundsun’s flagship products, innovative gadgets and technical items are seamlessly integrated into the space.

    Moreover, at the entrance of the LIGHT PARK, a gallery featuring artwork by a local artist welcomes people and demonstrates brand legacy. A colourful mural takes visitors on a journey, illustrating the history of fintech and Hundsun’s significant contributions to the industry.

    Supporting wellbeing and inclusivity
    With mental and physical health as a key consideration, the space offers a variety of breakout areas for relaxation and learning.

    The Meditation Room uses voice-control technology to create immersive experiences. With a simple command, people can sit under an integrated skylight with adaptive lighting and scenery, tailoring moments of retreat to their own preferences.

    The Photosynthesis Book Bar celebrates Hundsun’s dedication to personal growth and self-learning. Cosy swing seats and plenty of daylight creates a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging people to engage with the open-source learning materials and books on offer.

    An inclusive space
    The design of the LIGHT PARK is for everyone to enjoy. It incorporates inclusive design elements for visitors, including those with hearing and visual impairments. The café inside, is run by Smile Coffee, a local foundation supporting people with disabilities.

    With people, space and experience at its heart, Hundsun’s LIGHT PARK reimagines the traditional finance office. Prioritising wellbeing and community connections, this hub sets a precedent for the future of workspaces. A destination where motivation and caring for people empowers them to thrive.

    Design: M Moser Associates
    Photography: Edward Shi