Hakuhodo Offices – Ho Chi Minh City

Space.s designed the Hakuhodo office in Ho Chi Minh City, showcasing a monochromatic palette, fostering collaboration through a functional pantry, and embodying innovation and adaptability in every corner.

  • size 14,725 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Introducing the Hakuhodo office nestled within the Sai Gon Centre Tower, Ho Chi Minh City, a masterpiece brought to life by Space.s. Despite facing stringent timelines, Space.s seamlessly executed this awe-inspiring workspace, leaving clients impressed and setting a new benchmark in design excellence.

    Hakuhodo Vietnam, a subsidiary of Hakuhodo Inc. established in 1895, stands as one of Japan’s foremost advertising and communication agencies. Reflecting the essence of the advertising industry from the outset, the office exudes simplicity and professionalism through a refined monochromatic palette. Enveloped in shades of black and white, the design harmoniously embodies the brand’s distinctive traits.

    At its core lies a multi-functional pantry, igniting collaboration and fostering creativity—a pulsating hub of interactions. Evident in its transformation from a traditional to a contemporary workspace, Hakuhodo embraces openness, flexibility, and inspiration, drawing in vibrant young talents. This space transcends its physical boundaries; it’s a proclamation of evolution, carving a pathway toward a future brimming with vitality and teamwork.

    In this dynamic environment, every corner tells a story of innovation and adaptability. From its sleek lines to its inviting spaces, the Hakuhodo office stands as a testament to Space.s’s dedication to crafting environments that inspire, engage, and propel businesses forward.

    Design: Space.s
    Photography: Valor Huynh