Ubisoft Offices – Singapore

Conexus Studio designed Ubisoft’s employee-centric office space in Singapore, blending gaming-inspired elements, vibrant open spaces, and real-world inspirations to create an immersive and imaginative environment focused on collaboration and employee well-being.

  • Client Ubisoft,
  • size 33,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • Ready, Set, Play! Ubisoft’s Employee-Centric Office Space Embraces the Spirit of Gaming & Imagination
    Globally renowned for creating memorable and meaningful gaming experiences, Ubisoft sought to create a space that embodied their values and culture in their new office at Solaris. To achieve this, they worked closely with Conexus Studio to design and craft an office space that was just the right blend of functionality and imagination.

    Spread over two floors, the new 33,000 sqft office space is an immersive environment that inspires creativity and innovation, drawing on Ubisoft’s iconic imagery and other magical details inspired by fairytale worlds. At the core of this workplace is a strong focus on collaboration and employee well-being, which inspired the focus on vibrant open spaces and game-inspired elements throughout the space.

    In the Spirit of Gaming
    At the heart of the office sits a pavilion made of curved metal frame featuring unique perforated patterns that includes iconography from popular Ubisoft games such as Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, and Skull and Bones. This collaboration hub is home to semi-enclosed spaces for relaxation or informal collaboration, as well as two enclosed rooms designed with a Star Wars theme in the spirit of fantasy worlds and games. Playful and casual, these spaces spark creativity and dynamic communication.

    Real World Inspiration
    The local context is a key point of inspiration behind the design. Staff and visitors are greeted by the Ubisoft logo against a distinctive feature wall lush with foliage in the shape of Singapore as they enter. A nod to the garden city as well as the fairytale worlds of video games, greenery sprouts in unexpected spaces, together with other local influences such as the Peranakan-inspired tiles. The overall effect is a space that feels both inviting and vibrant, creating an environment that encourages exploration and innovation.

    Design: Conexus Studio
    Photography: Kelvin Cuff