Mobileye Offices – Ramat Gan

Gindi Studio designed Mobileye’s campus in Ramat Gan with a focus on motion and advanced technology, incorporating conservative aesthetics to align with the company’s values and creating private engineer team rooms.

  • Client Mobileye,
  • size 86,111 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Ramat Gan, Israel,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Engaging with motion was our initial concept when we began collaborating with Mobileye many years ago. We’ve designed their 60,000 square meter campus in Jerusalem, which is nearly completed, as well as some other offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa. However, the office in Ramat Gan stands out as their main R&D center outside of Jerusalem.

    Our goal was to conceptualize a theme that aligns with the core of Mobileye’s development, focusing on motion, movement, automatic car systems, AI, and advanced technology. Additionally, we took into account the company’s values—a more conservative, Jerusalem-based tech company that embodies traits of modesty, seriousness, timelessness, and brightness. It was crucial not to introduce too much playfulness or trendy colors into the overall look and feel.

    The outcome is a 5-floor office space where we strategically incorporate very few patterns and materials, all while emphasizing the concept of “motion.” Engineers have their designated team rooms instead of team-based neighborhoods or open spaces, ensuring a high level of privacy. Public areas are distinctively separated from quiet working zones, with the former showcasing more vibrant choices in materials and lighting

    Design: Gindi Studio
    Design Team: Vered Gindi, Einat Lahav, Rotem Citron Luke
    Project Management: CBRE | Yaron Levy, Orly Aram, Maayan Cohen
    Contractor: A.Weiss
    Photography: Shai Epstein