Era RF Offices – Istanbul

Studio 13 Architects designed a workspace for ERA RF Technologies in Istanbul, focusing on clean lines, high-strength materials, and a color palette reflecting the brand, with transparent and opaque materials strategically used.

  • Client Era RF,
  • size 16,146 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Technology,
  • ERA RF Technologies, a pioneer in UAV-to-ground communication technologies, challenged us to design a workspace that reflects the innovation and reliability of the company’s cutting-edge solutions for mission-critical applications. UAV-to-Ground Communication technologies refer to the systems and protocols that enable communication between unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, and ground-based control based control stations.

    These technologies play a vital role in facilitating data exchange, control commands and real-time information transfer ensuring the seamless and safe operation of UAVs in various applications, including surveillance, reconnaissance and other mission-critical tasks.

    We approached the design of ERA RF Technologies with an architecture of clean, sharp lines. The aim was to create an environment that is calm and confident.

    Our focus also extends to the detailed design of the laboratory and test areas, where we prioritised high strength materials and cabling to ensure the integrity of the building with Tempest regulations.

    Our choice of materials was carefully matched to the physical layout and functional requirements. Transparent materials were strategically used in open areas to promote transparency, collaboration and teamwork, while more opaque materials were carefully integrated in areas where privacy was required, such as meeting rooms, executive offices and phonebooths.

    In creating the overall ambience, we were inspired by ERA RF Technologies’ brand identity to develop a colour palette that not only refletcs the brand, but also creates an inviting workspace. A dynamic visual contrast is created throughout the space by the combination of warm and cool materials in harmony with the chosen colours. To further enhance the aesthetic, we integrated graphics illustrating chip logic, elaborately embroidered on materials such as felt and veneer.

    Design: Studio 13 Architects
    Photography: İbrahim Özbunar