Bridge+ Offices – Chennai

The design of Bridge+ by adrianse* in Chennai embodies the company’s vision by offering diverse work settings, memorable brand expressions, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a focus on user wellness.

  • Client Bridge+,
  • size 24,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Chennai, India,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • The design of Bridge+ seamlessly aligns with the company’s vision and mission, providing users with a diverse range of work settings that foster community and connectivity. Our spatial strategy is crafted for adaptability, offering a plug-and-play workspace solution tailored to evolving client requirements. A focused approach activates spaces, curating destinations that are not only serendipitous but functional as well.

    Key touch-points, including the welcome area, social spaces, and private suites, serve as memorable brand expressions, encouraging engagement from both visitors and users. The integration of branding with design elements creates a seamless narrative—making a statement, serving a purpose, and offering a holistic experiential journey.

    Taking advantage of the site’s generous height, we’ve created a den at the mezzanine level, while the deck area serves as a retreat for recreational activities. The timber-finished staircase in the breakout space evokes the idea of exploration, leading to the deck area.

    The overall experience is warm and welcoming, capturing the essence of local culture while maintaining global design standards. The material palette skilfully balances deeply tactile raw finishes, such as concrete paint, timber steps, and exposed ceilings, with opulent details like metal inserts, marble flooring, and warm lighting that infuse a hospitality touch.

    User wellness is at the core of our design philosophy, evident in maximising natural light penetration, integrating biophillia at various visual heights, ensuring acoustic comfort in focused work zones, providing a variety of work settings, incorporating ergonomic furniture, and offering social spaces capable of hosting large gatherings for events.

    Our design transcends mere functionality; it exudes an overall feeling of vibrancy and celebration within the work environment. Every element is meticulously curated to foster a dynamic and lively atmosphere. From lively color schemes to strategically placed vibrant accents, the entire facility is designed to inspire creativity and a sense of joy. Communal areas are envisioned as hubs of activity, promoting spontaneous interactions and creating a celebratory ambiance.

    Design: adrianse*
    Design Team: Rajan Gupta, Munmun Saxena, Fakhruddin Daikree, Bhawna Kakati
    Photography: Prographer