Il Prisma Offices – Milan

Il Prisma designed Il Prisma Live in Milan as an innovative headquarters designed as a living laboratory, focusing on human experience and sustainable design with adaptable spaces and a serene Serendipity Garden.

  • Client Il Prisma,
  • size 11,840 sqft
  • Year 2024
  • Location Milan, Italy,
  • Industry Design,
  • In early 2024, in Milan, we opened Il Prisma Live, our new headquarters conceived as an observatory on the humans of tomorrow. As an architecture and design firm, this project offered us with a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between humans and the built surroundings. Guided by our vision, “Design Human Life”, we sought to place the human experience at the heart of our design. So, we asked ourselves: How could we enhance our collective experience and create value from our shared time together? What common aspiration united our people? Our exploration led us to a profound realization: we were driven the desire to share knowledge. This is why, for us, Il Prisma Live is more than merely a physical space. It serves as an observatory on tomorrow and its possible impacts on the cities of the future; the place where new knowledge develops through cross-pollination and experiences of mutual enrichment; the laboratory in which spaces, materials and interactions are shaped in the most sustainable way possible, to make the future of living, learning and working truly human.

    Encompassing 1100 square meters across two floors, ground and first, Il Prisma Live was designed as a living laboratory. From adaptable furnishings to dynamic environments, every aspect was conceived to foster immersion and versatility.

    Among the diverse spaces— including the Live Area, Bar Bar, Living Matter Lab, Melting Podcast, and Artist’s Atelier—one narrates a particularly captivating story: the Serendipity Garden. Formerly a dim and secluded storage area—a ‘backstage’ space devoid of purpose—the Serendipity Garden underwent a remarkable transformation. Our vision was clear and bold: to integrate it seamlessly into our office, infusing it with vitality and inspiration. By opening up the space to the rest of the ground-floor area and enlarging ceiling windows to welcome natural light, we transformed it into a serene retreat for work, collaboration, relaxation and contemplation.

    Today, the Serendipity Garden invites visitors to immerse themselves in its botanical oasis. It hosts a diverse array of plant species, sourced from the Mediterranean maquis—such as thyme, mint, sage, lavender, myrtle, citronella, eucalyptus, lemon balm, laurel, rosemary, oregano, as well as olive trees, capers papyrus, Asplenium, Homalomena, Platycerium, Euphorbia, Rhipsalis, Lepismium, Hatiora, Sophora, Adiantum, Tradescantia, pomegranate, pepper, Thillandsia, Chlorophytium, Equisetum, Jupiter’s beard. Here, the senses come alive—from the aromatic scents of plants to the soothing sounds of pebbles underfoot, accompanied by a soundscape of nature recorded in European forests.

    A sophisticated technological infrastructure supports the entire Live area, enabling hybrid collaborations and immersive experiences. With customizable lighting and acoustic scenarios, it adapts to the needs of the moment, enriching every interaction.

    Design: Il Prisma
    Project Team: Gaetano Auricchio, Irene Milan, Ilaria Stroppa, Claudia Barbazza, Mauro Ferrario, Mauro Sullam, Roberto Malberti, Davide Merlo, Giacomo Rozzo, Luca Mustacchi, Veronica Dossi, Claudia Roggia, Amalia Martino, Amit Anafi, Giulia Dagradi, Anna Vadacca, Sandra Longhi Hoffmann
    Photography: Carola Merello