BASF Offices – Montevideo

The BASF project by LGD Arquitectos in Montevideo, Uruguay focuses on creating a collaborative and inspiring workplace through innovative, sustainable design with elements of nature, flexibility in spaces, and a focus on well-being.

  • Client BASF,
  • size 7,535 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Montevideo, Uruguay,
  • Industry Technology,
  • The project is conceived on the basis of creating an inspiring atmosphere for collaborators, with a design that explores interactions and social dimensions in a highly collaborative space. The design language is simple, a relaxed atmosphere that gives us spaces of comfort and well-being, inspiring domesticity and the incorporation of nature. A space that transmits the company’s values.

    The two existing floors were connected as part of the project through a large staircase/atrium, spaces for meetings of different types and for diverse collaborators to take ownership of them and work in different dynamics. Flexibility in spaces is a fundamental value for the design of these offices.

    As fundamental values, we worked on innovation applied to sustainability, inclusion and technology. The levels are connected not only by the staircase but by the incorporation of an elevator to provide complete accessibility. The space has LEED certification in interior commercial, the strategies applied were control in solar gain, a system of solar panels with accumulators for lighting the vegetation and charging of electric skateboards promoting sustainable mobility. Recycled materials were used such as rubber in the form of pavement and projected cellulose as an acoustic damper. The large volume of vegetation is found in different forms, complete beds with vegetation and a green roof contribute to the well-being and comfort factors of users, helping to regulate aspects of air quality. Maintenance is automated in an irrigation system with humidity sensors that allows efficient water consumption.

    The incorporation of concepts associated with Well is one of the trends in new work spaces, and it was towards these concepts that we directed the design of the project. Understanding the positive effects of well-being on employees in pursuit of efficiency and productivity. In addition to the presence of plants, a lighting system with wireless control was incorporated, which allows, through luminaires with tunable White technology, to reproduce the circadian cycle.

    Design: LGD Arquitectos
    Photography: Santiago Chaer